Trainings are for Business Executives, Managers and Employees and are Available for Individuals or Groups.

Your business is a great candidate for training if:

  • Your business is struggling to “stand out from the crowd”
  • Your management team is in need of strong leadership strategies and techniques
  • Your management and/or employees are in need of some “mojo”
  • Your management and/or employees are in need of professional etiquette skills
  • Your management and/or employees are in need of customer service skills 
  • Your customers and/or business partners come from cultures different from yours

 Training Includes:**

  • Leadership Development
  • Distinguishing Yourself from the Competition
  • Dressing for Success
  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Introductions and Hand Shaking
  • Exchanging Business Cards
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Gift Giving

**Trainings can also focus on one or more of the above topics. Use the contact form below to request a training or inquire about designing a more specific training.

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Get Started with Business Etiquette Training Today!

  • Contact CareerDr ELiz to discuss your training needs
  • Individual or group training options are available
  • Pricing is based on group size, hours and specific training requests